It’s a Game! It’s a Class! It’s Code Combat!

Summer vacation means no school, but learning can be fun too! There’s plenty of computer games and video games out there, and some are designed to teach you things as you play. Code Combat is a swords-and-sorcery medieval fantasy game – that also teaches coding! Choose your hero and battle your way through dungeon mazes, collect crystals, and save the day all while learning computer programming languages like Java, Python, and more.

Master website and game development techniques with over 500 levels from beginner to advanced: learn new ideas, build on existing concepts, and think outside the box to take on challenges. Code Combat gives you the tools and training to win! Learn and master writing computer code to guide your chosen hero’s actions. Can you dodge fireballs, take out an orc, make it across the trap-filled room, and loot the treasure in 10 (coding) steps or less? Sign in with your Student eAccount and PIN to find out!

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