Oceans of Fun for Summer!

Did you know June is National Oceans Month? Celebrate the sea this summer with National Geographic Kids! Read the magazine and books online, and look up articles, videos, and pictures about the ocean and sea life. The California coastline borders the Pacific Ocean, where a thriving marine ecosystem lives beneath the waves. The kelp forest is one such ocean habitat.

Did you know the kelp forest is home to a whole lot of marine life, such as seahorses and fish? It’s like an undersea jungle, with “trees” made of extra large seaweed called giant kelp! Sea otters love to hunt for food here because there’s so many types of fish to choose from, as well as crabs, clams, sea snails, and more. Sea otters will also use the long kelp fronds as blankets, and wrap up tight to keep from floating away while they sleep.

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