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  • LEAP into the new year with Brainfuse
    Brainfuse is your one-stop-shop for Homework Assistance. From supplemental flash cards to live tutoring with experts, Brainfuse has the resources you need to improve your learning experience. Get homework help on any subject with an online tutor any day of the week. Spanish tutors are also available. The LEAP Learning Platform is one of the … Read more
  • When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Stay Cozy Inside with Science Experiments!
    Well, the weather in the Bay Area is hardly ever frightful but it is certainly cold and rainy! Use your time inside to try some science experiments available through the SCCLD Student Portal. Whether you are interested in Chemistry, Ecology, Genetics or Climate, the library has you covered with hundreds of experiments for hands-on fun … Read more
  • Atomic bombs and the Nuclear Age
    The history of nuclear power in the United States began with the controversial Manhattan Project, the secret World War II project that led to the creation of the first nuclear weapons. As fears grew of a Nazi-controlled super weapon, America began enlisting the greatest known physicists to develop a super weapon of their own. Following World War II … Read more
  • National Geographic Kids: Our Extreme Planet!
    If you could visit any place on Earth, where would you go? Perhaps you would like to see Mount Stromboli, a volcano in Italy which erupts at least once a year. Maybe instead of seeing the fiery lava, you would like to cool off in the deep caverns of the Swiss glaciers. Perhaps you would … Read more
  • Introducing Weston Woods Library: Classic and Modern Children’s Literature Read Alongs
    The Santa Clara County Library is proud to announce that our community can now access the legendary Weston Woods Library children’s book video collection online. This vast database of children’s literature classics and modern favorites bring stories to life with interactive videos. New readers will be able to utilize the Read Along feature that highlights … Read more
  • Some Strings Attached — Making Parade Balloons
    November 25th is Macy’s Day Parade, known for its spectacular, imaginative, and GIGANTIC parade balloons. But how are they made? Learn about Making Macy’s Parade Balloons from the Watch and Learn Library! Creating the balloons requires a delicate blend of art and engineering. Discover how hard work and creativity can take a simple idea and … Read more
  • Classic Reads: Digging Deep to Broaden Learning
    Interesting in reading classic literature? As the realm of classics expands to include books in the 20th century, you may want to give it a try!
  • Does Evidence Support the Existence of UFOs?
    It’s the spookiest month of the year which makes us wonder about the paranormal phenomena that surrounds our world… Ghosts, cryptids and aliens, oh my! Are humans alone in this world or are extraterrestrial creatures visiting us from the beyond? Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints allows for you to critically examine both sides of modern … Read more
  • Indigenous Peoples Day: Adoption of a New Celebration
    Indigenous Peoples Day is held on the second Monday in October each year. This day is to celebrate the culture, traditions and history of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.
  • Five New Fantastic Resources That Promote Interactive Learning at Home!
    With so much change occurring in the last year, young students have been thrown into many new forms of learning. Some students thrived in an online environment and others have begun to form an educational gap. In order to address this potential gap, the Santa Clara County Library District would like to promote the following … Read more
  • Get Help from a Live Tutor
    Our HelpNow service by Brainfuse offers free online tutoring, homework help, practice tests, writing reviews, flashcard games, and more!
  • All About Robots
    What is a robot? At its core, a robot is a machine designed to do an activity in place of a person. Learn more with Scholastic Go!
  • Juneteenth: Fighting for Federal Recognition
    In 1865, June 19th was dedicated to the celebration of the freedom of enslaved individuals in America.
  • Summer Reading Program: June 1 – July 30, 2021
    Summer Reading Program runs from June 1 – July 31, 2021. Join us for an exciting array of online programs for both kids and teens.
  • Explore Our Online Magazine Collection from Overdrive
    Do you enjoy reading magazines? We offer a fun collection of online magazines covering a variety of topics including animals, sports, fashion, and pop culture.