Thanksgiving In History

Thanksgiving Greetings with turkey

Thanksgiving Day is the last Thursday in November, and a big turkey dinner is traditional. How did this holiday start?

Investigate the California Missions

California has 21 historical missions along the coast from San Diego to San Francisco. They were built by the Spanish between 1769 and 1822. These historic buildings can be visited and toured. Some are still active Catholic parishes. They are each about a day’s travel apart by walking, although these days you can drive the whole distance in one day.

Oceans of Fun for Summer!

Did you know June is National Oceans Month? Celebrate the sea this summer with National Geographic Kids! Read the magazine and books online, and look up articles, videos, and pictures about the ocean and sea life. The California coastline borders the Pacific Ocean, where a thriving marine ecosystem lives beneath the waves.

Unsinkable History: The Titanic Disaster

Illustration of the sinking of theTitanic and survivors in lifeboats.

The RMS Titanic began its inaugural voyage on April 10, 1912. This was to be its first, last, and only trip. On April 14 the Titanic hit an iceberg and began taking on water, and several hours later in the early morning of April 15 the “unsinkable” ship finally finished sinking.

George Washington: First of Forty-Six

George Washington

George Washington was born February 22, 1732, and inaugurated as the first president of the United States of America in 1789 at the age of 57.

Discover Native American Cultures This November

Search for the local Native American tribes like the Ohlone or Muwekma people who originally lived on the lands that you may occupy. In addition, you can learn about Joy Harjo, the first Native American Poet Laureate of the United … Read more

Learn History With Pride!

The month of June is Pride Month and celebrates LGBTQIA+ freedom and history. This monthly celebration has roots that began with the Stonewall uprising in June 1969 in New York City with the revolutionary actions of trans activists. The Stonewall … Read more

Prattle about Cattle: Learn about Farm Animals

We invite you to celebrate National Farm Animal day with Scholastic Go! by learning all about your favorite farm animals! Livestock have played an important role in human survival by providing food, shelter, fuel, fertilizer and other products and services for Farms and Farming. … Read more

Will Eisner: Comic Legend and Sequential Art Pioneer

Will Eisner is considered “the father of modern comics” by many within the graphic novel and sequential art communities. Many of his famous works support anti-fascists ideals and highlight the lived experiences of Jewish immigrant communities. The term sequential art … Read more

Poems that Stanza Test of Time

Granger’s World of Poetry is a robust tool for discovering and analyzing poetry, containing over 300,000 poems in full text and 450,000 citations. Granger offers complete coverage of the works of several famous poets, including the complete poems of Mary … Read more

LEAP into the new year with Brainfuse

Brainfuse is your one-stop-shop for Homework Assistance. From supplemental flash cards to live tutoring with experts, Brainfuse has the resources you need to improve your learning experience. Get homework help on any subject with an online tutor any day of … Read more

Atomic bombs and the Nuclear Age

The history of nuclear power in the United States began with the controversial Manhattan Project, the secret World War II project that led to the creation of the first nuclear weapons. As fears grew of a Nazi-controlled super weapon, America began … Read more