Back to School with LearningExpress

When you go back to school after a summer of fun, it can be hard to get back to work. The LearningExpress Student Centers, one for Grades 4-8 and one for High School, are a good place to practice study skills and get homework help! Elementary and middle school students in grades 4-8 can practice reading, writing, and math. High school students can also find homework help for science, social studies, and more.

Need math practice? Find your grade level, or the type of math you want to practice. You’ll find tutorials for fractions and decimals, geometry, algebra, statistics, and other math topics. Looking to improve your writing skills? Practice different styles of writing for book reports, essays, and more.

The LearningExpress Student Centers have ebooks, videos, flashcards, tutorials, and practice tests, and even some fun games! Sign in with your Student e-Account and PIN to get started.

Learning Express School Center