The Ups and Downs of Physics

We experience the laws of force and motion each time we perform an action, whether we’re taking a walk or pouring a bowl a cereal. Even when trying to stay completely still, we share the motion of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Force and motion play a role in every aspect of our lives, even when we don’t notice. But what happens when we do notice?

Physicists study the effects of the physical world and engineers find creative ways to apply that knowledge. Rollercoasters take advantage of force and motion to bring us thrills. Golf clubs are meticulously engineered to optimize a golf ball’s speed, spin, and trajectory. Game controllers rely on force and motion to detect a player’s input and provide them feedback.

However, it’s not all fun and games. Transportation is a massive industry about moving items from one place to another. From the minerals in the ground to the package left on your doorstep, force and motion are in each step of the process. Methods may change as scientists and engineers continue to study the physical world, but our needs will remain the same. The transportation of clean water and food is a never-ending responsibility.

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