Boredom tends to get a bad reputation. Although we love to hate it, the feeling of boredom is an incredible motivator to keep our brains active. It’s how our brains tell us to find something interesting. Two of the best cures are playing games and learning something new. With CodeCombat, you can do both.

CodeCombat is a fantasy game that teaches you how to write code. Choose your hero, collect gear, and defeat enemies. As you make your way through this fantastic world, you will learn how to write code with Python, JavaScript, C++, or other programming languages! Master Web Development or Game Development with over 500 levels that teach new ideas, build on existing concepts, and challenge you to think outside the box.

You can play CodeCombat anonymously, but an account is required to save your progress. Look for the “Sign Up” and “Log In” buttons at the bottom of the screen to save your game.

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