Indigenous Peoples Day: Adoption of a New Celebration

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Indigenous Peoples Day is held on the second Monday in October each year. This day is to celebrate the culture, traditions and history of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

You can learn more about the culture of Indigenous peoples in America using our resources like Gale Virtual Reference Library. This resource gives you access to hundreds of books with information on the movement for Indigenous peoples to have their history recognized and celebrated.  You could use these books to find out more about the Occupation of Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay. During the occupation, a  group of Indigenous peoples in the Bay Area wanted to build a cultural center and decided to live on the island in protest. The two year protest may not have lead to a center being built in Alcatraz but it did lead to more rights for Indigenous peoples around the country. 

The rich history of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas spans far beyond the written historical timeline and can be seen in the modern day with events like Standing Rock. In addition, you can learn about important historical figures like Dennis Banks, Winona LaDuke, and Chief Joseph. Celebrate this history on Indigenous Peoples Day by diving into the resources available on Gale Virtual Reference Library and learn more about the deep history of the Americas. 


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