Five New Fantastic Resources That Promote Interactive Learning at Home!

With so much change occurring in the last year, young students have been thrown into many new forms of learning. Some students thrived in an online environment and others have begun to form an educational gap. In order to address this potential gap, the Santa Clara County Library District would like to promote the following resources to encourage and support students to learn about their favorite subjects in a dynamic and interactive way. Let your student explore and learn with these new five resources that expand on STEM, Social Studies, Animals, and more!

Learn Together With These Interactive Resources!

TrueFlix – For Ages 8 to 12

TrueFlix lets students explore Social Studies and Science content with interactive books, videos and vetted links for further learning

FreedomFlix – For Ages 10 to 14 (FreedomFlix service is no longer available beginning September 2023)

The FreedomFlix library allows for your older student to learn more about Social Studies, Civics and History with video and interactive nonfiction eBooks.

ScienceFlix – For Ages 10 to 15

ScienceFlix helps students learn through hands-on scientific experiments, explore STEM careers options, and build crucial science knowledge through interactive videos, articles and lesson plans. 

Scholastic Teachables – For Parents, Teachers and Educators 

This resource gives educators the ability to look at educational materials that are easily searchable and printable for ages 4 to 11. You can use these resources for homeschooling or in the classroom and can be adapted to work with ESL students. 

Watch and Learn Library – For Ages 3 to 8

The Watch and Learn Library offers over 230 real-world videos on nonfiction topics like Animals, Physical Science and Social Studies. You can access all of the available content in both English and Spanish for all of our little learners! 

Each of these resources allows for students to continue learning at their own pace with additional interactive quizzes, games, vetted weblinks and hands-on projects. Educators can look forward to print-outs and full lesson plans to assist learning. 

In addition, the Library has other Scholastic resources that may interest young learners! 

BookFlix – For Ages 4 to 8 

Children will love this interactive reading resource that pairs classic video storybooks from Weston Woods and nonfiction videos to support further learning. Spanish versions are available for a number of the books! BookFlix can help to make the reluctant reader excited about independent reading. 

Scholastic Go! – For Ages 8 and Up 

Students can look at four encyclopedia databases that cover Animals, History, and Science topics with news, videos and interactive maps.  

The library has a variety of resources that can support students with Homework HelpScience Experiments and eBooks and Audiobooks. With your library card, you can access all of these resources and more on the Santa Clara County Library District Student Portal 24/7!

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