It’s alive! Experience Science learning in a new way.

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure ‘science.’” – Edwin Powell Hubble

Famed astronomer Hubble articulated simply that science is based on exploration, interaction, and engagement. When students connect with concepts in an interactive way, they learn in a more meaningful way. That belief is the foundation of Gale Interactive: Science and Gale in Context: Environmental Science, two new resources with interactive aspects and curriculum-aligned digital content that helps students experience science, not just study it.

Animal cell. Illustration of an animal cell revealing various internal structures.

Gale Interactive Science is designed to help students understand science beyond the text, and combine Gale’s curriculum-aligned reference content with partner CyberScience’s interactive 3D models to bring science learning to life. This new resource combines multiple science topics and can be used as a basic science learning tool for students. In addition, there’s a module that will meet the needs of the higher education audience, but could also be appropriate for Advanced Placement science classes.

Gale in Context: Environmental Studies allows students to experience environmental education and get 24/7 access to nearly 400 pages across science, social studies, and the humanities. Discover accredited resources on topics like land and water use, earth systems, pollution and more. This resource allows users to organize, share, save, and cite easily with integrated tools for Students and Researchers.

Students can explore on their own to assist with homework and research assignments, or teachers can use the online resource in the classroom to demonstrate concepts and expand discussion. Content supports the study of biology, chemistry, and earth sciences – making it an ideal resource for high school students.

With a resource like this, science will become a fun, exciting subject, take the struggle out of science and it is at your fingertips 24/7. Take a look and see for yourself!

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