Interactive Virtual Models For Science Education

Don’t be afraid of skeletons! Get “hands-on” and learn all about them with Gale Interactive Science!

If you plan to fight in the Skeleton War or face off against hordes of zombies, it pays to know human anatomy. Gale Interactive Science provides virtual 3D models to explore the inner workings of human anatomy, get “hands-on” with dinosaur fossils, and hundreds of other topics in biology, chemistry, and earth science. You can also download 3D printer files to create your own hands-on models!

Zoom, rotate, and pull apart these virtual models as you learn about bones, blood vessels, muscles, and organs. Discover atoms, molecules, and cells close-up. Dissect and experiment with various science topics. Each model comes with a short encyclopedic article and the definitions of key terms. To access, just log in with your student library account and PIN.

Gale Interactive Science

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